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publication date: May 27, 2016
ISSUE 21 - May 27, 2016 PDF

Slamming the Door - Part XIII

Chair of CPRIT Oversight Committee:

“Better to Get Them All Out of the Way Now”

What were Texas politicians and CPRIT officials thinking as they were pounded by blistering letters of resignation?

Condemnation seemed to be rolling off their backs as they marched toward what they thought was their great triumph.

Jimmy Mansour, chairman of CPRIT’s oversight committee, mistakenly hit Reply All, sending an especially contemptuous email to a scientist who was announcing his resignation from CPRIT. In the email that came into public view because of his sloppiness, Mansour, a telecommunications entrepreneur, belittles scientists and the peer review process.

Conversation with The Cancer Letter

Candace Johnson: A New Vision for Roswell Park

Since Candace Johnson’s appointment as president and CEO of the Roswell Park Cancer Institute in February 2015, the institute has recruited 22 new faculty members and promoted 19 faculty members into senior leadership positions.

“I’m a new leader. I have a new style, a new vision of where Roswell Park is going,” Johnson, the Wallace Family Chair in Translational Research, said to The Cancer Letter. “We have new and different challenges, and unless my entire workforce understood these challenges and embraced the changes I’ve been implementing, we wouldn’t have a chance.”

    ASCO Cervical Cancer Guideline Addresses Global Disparities

    The American Society of Clinical Oncology issued its first clinical practice guideline for invasive cervical cancer.

    The guideline provides evidence-based recommendations for four tiers based on available resources for cervical cancer screening and treatment: basic, limited, enhanced and maximal. For each setting, and for each stage of cervical cancer, the guideline recommends optimal therapy and palliative care. The guideline was published in the Journal of Global Oncology and was endorsed by the Society of Gynecologic Oncology.

    Survey: 28 Percent of Doctors See Clinical Trials as Last Resort

    Only 40 percent of Americans have a positive overall impression of clinical trials, according to a national survey conducted for Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center.

    The survey, which polled over 2,100 people including nearly 600 physicians, found that 28 percent of doctors considered clinical trials as treatments of last resort.

    In Brief
    • Northwestern to host 5k coinciding with ASCO's annual meeting in Chicago
    • The Canadian Cancer Society and Merck to collaborate on New Horizons project

    • American Skin Association presents annual awards

    • Margaret Foti honored by Ovarcome foundation

    • Seattle Children's and Juno Therapeutics to collaborate on T-cell immunotherapies

    • Memorial Sloan Kettering and Hunter Douglas establish graduate fellowship

    • University of Chicago and Blue Cross and Blue Shield launch oncology medical home

    • Lightpoint Medical signs agreement for Beta Emission Tomography technology from University of Arizona researchers

    Drugs and Targets
    • CHMP issues positive opinion for Kyprolis in multiple myeloma

    • ProNAi Therapeutics and Carna Biosciences to commercialize AS-141


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